• Celebrate National Marine Week

    It’s time to celebrate all things marine! Every year the UK comes together to celebrate National Marine Week, a week for us to explore sea animals and plants from Saturday 24th July to Sunday 8th August.

    Our seas are home to over half of all our wildlife each contributing to flood management and water purification, and provide the oxygen for every other breath you take!

  • It's World Ocean Day!

    Today’s World Ocean Day is all about celebrating our connection to the ocean, and how we depend on our ocean just as much as it depends on us.

    It’s a great way to encourage discussion with your children about the ocean and what we can do to reduce plastic pollution and other impacts, to help protect our life-source.

    Did you know these 5 facts about our ocean?

  • May Play Tray Subscription Box – Bee Theme

    This month I was so lucky to receive the play tray subscription from Willow and Wild Organic! 

    This is such a great idea, with open ended recourses that can be used to create amazing invitations to create and play! They’re suitable for most ages and can be adapted to suit learning needs if you are home learning too. I was amazed to see that the set even included a Lanka Kade wooden Bumble bee 🐝 

  • Celebrate World Bee Day!

    Let’s celebrate World Bee Day! These nectar loving insects have their very own dedicated day to make sure we’re keeping them safe and raise awarene...
  • Celebrating Easter with your Children

    As spring begins it brings new hope, fresh beginnings and bright sunshine and flowers.

    I think that spring is one of my favourite seasons to celebrate, and after the last 12 months of lockdown and uncertainty,  hopefully we can now look forward to the future. 

    The Willow and Wild Organic Easter sensory resources are perfect for using in so many ways to celebrate Easter, spring and fresh new beginnings.