Eco Glitter Party/Festival Cosmetic Set

Eco Glitter Party/Festival Cosmetic Set

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This kit is made from a modified, regenerated, cellulose film from sustainable sources. It is incredibly safe, simple and easy to use.

When in the presence of the micro-organisms that are found in soil, compost or a waste water/ocean environment the glitter will biodegrade in a matter of weeks.

The glitters are perfect for festivals and parties as, they can be used on the hair, face and body.

Biodegradable and eco-friendly,

Plastic-free packaging,

Vegan and Cruelty-free.

Remove before going to sleep to avoid any irritation.

What's included:

 5 x glass bottles of loose Eco glitter Sparkle,

1 x tin vegan aloe vera gel,

1 x bamboo application brush


Suitable for age 3 and above.